Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

The Rzeszow Regional Development Agency was established in 1993 and at present is one of the most important actors on the regional social and economic stage.

The mission of Rzeszow Regional Development Agency is to support the development of the Podkarpackie region to improve the quality and standard of life of its inhabitants. The mission is also to promote the possibilities offered by the region, including its outstanding natural landscape, tourist potential, as well as promote a new image of the Podkarpackie region as a modem, innovative and economically developed region.

The European Commission has appreciated this devotion to the development of the region, as well as the high quality of work performed and the competence of the staff. The Agency has been awarded the European Commission's prestigious "Partners in Action" GRAND PRIX for its implementation of the PHARE programmes, as the only regional development agency in all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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