Danish report “Green public goods purchases – without unnecessary additional costs”

Katarzyna Czop News

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) has published a report “Green public goods purchases – without unnecessary additional costs”. In the report, DI sets a target of 80% of public procurement in Denmark to be sustainable and green.

They have set the following criteria for a tender to be green.

Criteria 1: Procurement is based on the EU’s green procurement criteria and, for example, the require-ments behind branding schemes such as the EU flower.

Criteria 2: The purchase is based on the total economy, where the life of the product and operating costs are considered.

Criteria 3: The purchase incorporates considerations and possibly concrete requirements for the post-use phase of the product.

Criteria 4: The tender valued quality in the evaluation of tenders

Criteria 5: The tender’s initial market dialogue focuses on optimizing the logistics setup for the goods delivery

Criteria 6: The agreement contain an innovation clause that animates partnerships for ongoing im-provements in operations and the green profile of the procurement, including CO2 emissions.

As part of the description of criteria 3, which deals with value chains, a figure on ressource loops developed in the CPP project has been used. See page 27 of the report.
The report has a number of cases including Aalborg Municipality’s offering of learning environments. See the report on page 50.

The report is available here.