Market dialogues for “non-new” furniture

Elżbieta Szczygieł News

On a hot summer day, Victoria Boysen and Emma Börjesson from the Circular PP project team, together with 3 other employees from the city of Malmö, went on a tour to visit four companies with focus on “non-new” furniture. The four companies all are located in The Malmö area. This visit really helped Malmö understand how much “non-new”-furniture exists in Sweden. Some of the companies had storerooms which were almost as big as an any small furniture company. The furniture often comes from office/workplace that has been moved/renovated/shut-down, and most of the furniture is hardly damaged at all. Some of the companies that Malmö visited also had an in-house upholsterer that could refurbish and remake the furniture. All the company representatives visited where very happy that City of Malmö is now taking steps toward a more circular furniture model, and great conversations were had with all the suppliers – some were almost too long and it was a rush to get to the next visit!