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Since Aalborg University was first established in 1974, all university programmes have been based on problem based learning (PBL). Aalborg University students work in groups applying problem oriented methods in preparing projects of a high academic standard. The PBL-based pedagogical model of the University has become both nationally and internationally recognised by universities, researchers and students as an advanced and efficient learning model. Thus, UNESCO has placed its only Danish Chair in PBL at Aalborg University. AAU will continue to develop and adapt the Aalborg PBL Model to meet the societal and educational demands and changes.

This learning model provides AAU students with the possibility of:

• acquiring knowledge and skills independently and at a high academic level

• working analytically and according to interdisciplinary and problem and result oriented methods

• cooperating with the business community on the solution of authentic professional problems

• developing their abilities within teamwork

• becoming well prepared for the labour market

All degree programmes and research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus. Through strong interplay between staff and students and intense collaboration with public and private sectors, we offer degree programmes with a real-world approach and provide world-class research. It's results in new insights, new solutions to societal challenges and knowledge that changes the world.

Facts: Established in 1975. Student full-time equivalent (FTE) add op to more than 16.000 students of which appr. 3000 are international students.


The role of Aalborg university

Aalborg University will provide a framework for identifying and interviewing relevant SME's on circular business models including conducting interviews in Denmark. In addition Aalborg University will, among other things: 

  • provide recommendations on potential business models to help promote circular public procurement
  • Support report on main gaps in procurement policy 
  • Conduct in-depth case-study on 10 best case practices
  • Provide framework for analysing institutional structure and culture in current public procurement processes
  • Create template for follow-up during the project to clearify if institutional set-up has changed
  • Support in developing training material for public procurers
  • Prepare and conduct three lectures at Aalborg University dealing with the topic of circular public procurement
  • Deliver two articles for peer-reviewed journals based on results of identifying and interviewing SME's

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Arne Remmen

Local project manager Professor

+45 9940 8318ar@plan-aau.dk

Alberto Huerta Morales

Local project manager Research assistant