State of the Art Research

CircularPP will conduct an exhaustive research on state of the art of Circular Procurement among the countries of the Baltic Sea Region. The research will serve as the main basis for the development of the capacity building activities, which will take place in the project.

The research will be divided into three main groups of activities:
1) State of the art on circular procurement policy
• The main aim is to analyse current policies in place related to circular procurement in the different countries of the Baltic Sea Region, identifying the main existing gasps and the lines of action that are to be set as a priority in the following years.

Read a report 2.3. on how to advance circular public procurement. Click Here.

State of the art on Circular Procurement Policy in the Baltic Sea Region (Summary Version and Full Version)

2) Alternative business models and partnerships for improved circularity
• Focus is on the use of alternative business models to achieve better circularity in public procurement. The study will provide an overview of best practices, recommendations and main gaps identified in the use of alternative business models for SMEs

Alternative business models available for circular procurement (Summary Version and Full Version)

3) Institutional set-up of bodies relevant to circular procurement
• The aim is to produce a set of recommendations on the organizational structure and culture of public procurement bodies and intra-department cooperation in order to include relevant circular criteria into public procurement procedures.

Based on the above research activities and pilot procurements conducted as part of Circular PP, the project also developed six recommendations for boosting circular procurement across the EU. Click Here.