The role of the Steering Committee

The overall project will be supervised by a steering group. The steering group consist of the project manager and one representative from each partner. The goal is to involve and be involved - also across boarders.

The role of the committee is to:

Monitor that the project objectives, outputs and deliverables are achieved.

Being responsible for contributing to anchoring the results in their own organisations.

Be ambassadors for the CircularPP project and ensure that it is going to make a wider change out there.

Create synergies - take up findings and results, and invite and share with other partners and international projects. Whatever is learned here is input into the next project.

Ensure good and clear communication internally and externally – also to local project managers.

Ensure dissemination to decision-making level in own organization and in appropriate media (success stories) and take main responsibility for their own results.

Connect project to long-term strategies and anchor practices local in the organization and to inform about result in the region and country.