Learn more about Circular PP

Knowing that circular public procurement can be very difficult to explain, CircularPP will develop different tools to help inform about “What is circular procurement” and how can we use it along with results and outputs from the project. We will produce:

  • Animated video – on the principles of circular procurement (YouTube)
  • Promotional videos – to be used in circular procurement related events and during trainings
  • Peer reviewed articles – with main conclusions of the research actiities
  • Opinion articles – about pilots (tenders)
  • Biannual newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Lessons learnt from the procurement pilots in the Circular PP (short version)
  • Final report on all external events during the project implementation (see here)
  • and other materials:
    SYKE Presentation + photo

Video material:

Circular PP (video material)

CircularPP – Animed Video (video material)

CircularPP Event – Aalborg Sustainability Festival (video material)

Live fra Aalborg Bæredygtighedsfestival (video material)

Film about a pilot action in Malmö (video material)

Green and responsible purchase and life extension of IT (video material)

Lessons learnt from the procurement pilots (video material)

Output in Russian:

Circular PP — Центр прикладных исследований и разработок — Национальный исследовательский университет «Высшая школа экономики» (hse.ru)

8 step book

State of the art on circular procurement policy ind the Baltic Sea Region (2.1)

State og the art on circular procurement Policy, short version

Alternative business models availble for Circular Procurement (2.2)

Alternative business models, short version

How to advance circular public procurement (2.3)

Lessons Learnt from circular procurement pilots

Lessons learnt, short version


As a part of the communication strategy, a newsletter will be issued biannual. The newsletters will mainly contain news about stories and activities relating to the CircularPP project. There will also be news about upcoming events.

All newsletters are available here.


Finnish infographics

Latvian infographics

Polish infographics

Russian infographics


Presentation about CircularPP

Presentation about the pilot tenders in City of Aalborg

Presentation in Danish about the ICT-pilot tender

Presentation in Danish- Regional Midt

Communication WP5- presentation

Presentation from Baltic Circular Procurement Congress

Main findings and lessons- Birgitte Schleemann

Presentation of the One Planet SPP programme- Mervyn Jones

Circular Procurement for Beginners- Ashleigh McLennan

Circular Procurement in Malmö- Emma Börjesson

Intel on Circular Economy as a way to reignite the Post-Covid-19 Economy- Kasper Nielsen

Polish pilot study on school catering within StratKit project- Renata Kazimierczak

2020 EcoDesignCircle PPT CircularPP v2- Conrad Dorer

Circular Procurement in practice- Jana Simanovska

Baltic Circular Procurement Congress- Rune Buchdal Nielsen

TCO Certified Circularity in ICT Procurement- Dmytro Kapotia

Supporting circular procurement for construction, furniture and ICTs- Philippe Micheaux Naudet

The roles public procurement can play in the circular economy- Walter R. Stahel

Circular Economy and Procurement- Joan Prummel

Summary of research reports- Alberto Huerta Morales

Alberto Huerta Morales-workshop day 1

Alberto Huerta Morales-workshop day 2

Ecolabels and circular economy-Rik