Results from the circular pp-project


2.1 ) State of the art on Circular Procurement Policy in the Baltic Sea Region (Summary Version and Full Version)

2.2) Alternative business models available for circular procurement (Summary Version and Full Version)

2.3) How to advance circular public procurement. Click Here.

Six recommendations for boosting circular procurement across the EU. Click Here.

Scientific articles and papers: 

Environmental Research, Engineering and Management (EREM) Published 2020-12-18, Are You Ready for a Circular Economy? | Environmental Research, Engineering and Management (

AAU: ‘Exploring paradoxical tensions in circular business models – Cases from North Europe’. Sustainability (2020), 12(18), 7577


HSE: ‘Ecological requirements for catering procurements in schools’, GOSZAKAZ, (2018), N53, P.62-69 Click Here 1 

HSE: ‘Green procurements. What do the procurers think?’, GOSZAKAZ, (2019), N58, P.78-81Click Here 2

HSE: ‘Circular Economy and Circular Procurement’, GOSZAKAZ, (2019), N56, P.82-87 Click Here 3

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HSE:  E. Shadrina, D. Kashin ‘Circular public procurement in Russia.  Procurement Research 2019’ (in Russian). December 2020.GOSZAKAZ, N 62 P.50-56  

HSE: E. Shadrina ‘Circular Public Procurement in Russia. Complex Analysis’ (in English). Journal of Public Procurement (send to journal). Publication expected in first quarter 2021

HSE: E. Shadrina, D. Vinogradov, D. Kashin ‘Do environmental priorities of the state affect the practice of public procurement?’ (In Russian).  Public Administration Issues, (in press) Publication expected in the first issue of 2021

HSE:E. Shadrina, I. Aleininkova‘Circular Economy: possible reality or unattainable future?’  Environment. Special Issue,  2020,СПЕЦВЫПУСК_ENG.pdf

HSE: E. Shadrina,  L. Kokareva “Procurement in Covid-19 period”, 2020, GOSZAKAZ,  N62 (I will send you a file with the paper during the day)

Opinion articles:

ICLEI&MAL: Pioneering behaviour change towards procurement for circular economy in Malmö: Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circulate Magazine (18.6.20)

ICLEI&AAL: A journey to circular procurement – the unexpected outcomes of Aalborg’s circular ICT pilot: Sustain Europe (20.4.20)

ICLEI&AAL: additional article prepared for the Veolia Institute Review. To be published in 2021.

LEIF: magazine “ir”, “Green procurement in the municipality – a long-term investment in the quality of life” Jana Simanovska 23. septembris , 2019 10.29 kvalitate/?fbclid=IwAR1NLsWOpEBDA1DaGWxf4AiuaZ2rdZksBJjVRBNDAEkFkYad2OD5WeUCX8w

LEIF: magazine “Iepirkumi”, “Challenges and opportunities of the circular economy. CircularPP project support for municipalities” Zane Bilzēna un Jana Simanovska, SIA “Vides investīciju fonds”. Decembris 2018 (No6).


State of the art workshops: Report; Appendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DAppendix E

Report kick-off meetings 3.2. Click Here

“8 step book”: Circular-Procurement-in-8-steps-Ebook.pdf (

Overview of all events where the project’s results were disseminated during the project implementation.

Liste of events where CircularPP project was presented: Click here

Awareness workshop in Denmark; Live fra Aalborg Bæredygtighedsfestival – YouTube and short version: CircularPP Event – Aalborg Sustainability Festival – YouTube

Awareness workshop in Latvian: Workshop Riga – CircularPP

Awareness workshop in Sweeden: Raising awareness seminars in City of Malmö – CircularPP

Circular procurement training in Denmark: Strategic workshop on circular public procurement in Aalborg – CircularPP

Circular procurement training in Denmark 9th, September 2020: Webinar on Circular tenders and tendering practices of collected waste ressources in Denmark – CircularPP

Circular procurement training in The Nederlands: The circular purchasing course in The Hague – CircularPP

Circular Procurement seminars in Poland: The first day of Circular seminar – CircularPP

Circular Procurement seminars in Finland, 17th of September 2019: Putting circular public procurement into practice in Finland – CircularPP

Circular Procurement seminars in Finland, 25. August 2020 Capacity building in circular public procurement in Finland – CircularPP

Circular Procurement seminars in Sweden: Circular procurement in practice – CircularPP

Circular Procurement Lectures in Denmark: Aalborg University lectures for EMSS students – CircularPP

Circular Procurement lectures in Russian: Circular procurement lectures in St. Petersburg – CircularPP

Market Building Activities, 5 step plan for market dialogue: circ4.jpg (2480×3483) (

SME and other companies participating at events etc. Click here

Market Building Activities,“meet the buyers” in Denmark on ICT: Green and responsible purchase and life extension of IT – YouTube

Market Building Activities, Meet the Buyers in Denmark on future playground – why and how? Future Playground – Why and How? – CircularPP

Market Building Activities,“meet the buyers” in Poland Circular seminar & Meet-the-buyers – CircularPP

Market Building Activities,“meet the buyers” in Russian: Meet the buyers seminar 09.12.2020 – CircularPP

Clusters in promoting circular transition among SMEs was explored via two publications:

Clusters in the Circular-Economy – Building partnerships for Sustainable Transition of SMEs

Towards a New Greener Normal – How Clusters are Dealing with Circular Transition in Times of Covid-19

WP 4

See Lessons learnt from the procurement pilots. Click Here and the short version: A-shortened-version-of-Lessons-learnt-from-the-procurement-pilots-in-the-Circular-PP.pdf

Pilot in Sweeden:

Actionplans: PowerPoint-Präsentation ( og Click Here

Read about City of Malmö in the EU GPP News Alert, where there is a case study of their circular procurement of furniture. Click Here

See Waste management pre-tender from Malmö in Swedish. Click Here

Malmo’s circular purchase agreement for “non-new office furniture: Malmö’s circular purchase agreement for “not new office furniture” – CircularPP

Circular PP exhibition on non-new furniture: CPP – exhibition on non-new furniture – CircularPP

Circular furniture – how it can be done; Circular furniture – how it can be done – CircularPP

Film about a pilot action in Malmö: Pilot action Malmö – YouTube

Lessons learnt from the procurement pilots: Lessons learnt from the procurement pilots – YouTube

Pilot in Latvian:

Action plans: PowerPoint-Präsentation ( and PowerPoint-Präsentation (

Read GPP News Alert, Issue no. 85. Click Here

Read about European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP): Circular catering services from Pļaviņas in Latvia | European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (

Watch videos about pilot activities from Latvia available on youtube:

Aprites ekonomika Smiltene TITRI – YouTube

Plavinas aprites ekonomika TITRI – YouTube

Pilots in Denmark:

Action plans: PowerPoint-Präsentation (

See the guidance for Circular Playground. Click Here

10 advices for at greener ICT department: How to become a greener IT department – CircularPP

10 advice for becoming a greener ICT user: How to become a greener IT User – CircularPP

New TCO report: New TCO report – CircularPP

A journey to circular procurement: A journey to circular procurement – CircularPP

A film about a the event, Green and responsible purchase and life extension of IT: Film about a event-Green and responsible purchase and life extension of IT – CircularPP

Watch a video about ICT pilots available on youtube; Video, ICT-pilot, english subtitels – YouTube

WP 5

Baltic Sea Circular Procurement Congress:  Home (

All persentation can be found here: Baltic Circular Procurement Congress – CircularPP

Baltic Procurement Congress, summary report: here

Animated video on circular public procurement and a short one:

Infographics on circular public procurement, market engagement, the resource loop, circularity strategies, and circular tenders criteria.

Video on Circular PP project results!

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