Capacity Building

Regarding circular procurement, there´s a need for an internal behavior change in organisations to catalyse actions that has to take place among public authorities, but also among suppliers and final users of products. The aim is to provide a common understanding of circular procurement to all stakeholders.

CircularPP will arrange the following capacity building activities:

State of the art workshops
For project partners and associated organisations, sharing the latest insight on circular procurement.

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Mentoring programs
For partner cities delivering call for tenders, receiving one-on-one guidance.

Awareness Workshops
In every city delivering call for tender, with the aim to get all involved people on the same level of understanding, and design a circular procurement plan.

See Report kick-off meetings 3.2. Click Here

Circular Procurement Training
For procurers of partner cities involved in pilot tenders, giving them guidance and examples of their daily work.

Circular Procurement Seminars
To show and explain the procurer in partner countries their role in circular procurement based on the practical experiences of the project.

Circular Procurement Lectures
The goal is to increase knowledge and awareness to the importance of public procurement in the transition to a circular economy. The target group is students at relevant universities in the consortium.

Market Building Activities
For companies operating in different fields of priority for the circular economy, focusing on SMEs to improve the market uptake of circular products.