Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

SYKE is a multidisciplinary research and expert institute. Their most important task is to solve society's most burning questions that have an impact on the environment. SYKE provide necessary information, multidisciplinary expertise and expert services for public and private decision-making. They have some 580 competent experts and researchers.

SYKE studies the sustainability of societal development paths by combining knowledge and expertise from many disciplines. They identify effective solutions and promote their implementation through a holistic and open approach in collaboration with others. SYKE work in a close and stimulating co-operation with Finnish and international partners. SYKE has four office and research facilities in Helsinki, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Joensuu.

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has made three society’s commitments to sustainable development. The commitments are a response to the campaign by the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, which challenges a variety of organisations to take practical measures. SYKE’s commitments promote the goals of a carbon neutral society, reduce the harmful effects of food on nature and water systems, and support development towards a more multicultural society.

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