Case: Closing the Loop

Katarzyna Czop News

Closing the Loop was founded in 2012 to help organisations and public procurers to get started on circularity in simple and pragmatically way.

Closing the Loop collects electronics waste in emerging markets, in particular in African countries where ICT hardware collection is either non-existent or mismanaged, to ensure that this waste is properly recycled, and doesn’t end up in landfill.

It’s possible for procurers in Europe to support these activities though Closing the Loop’s “waste compensation scheme”. It functions like an offset. Procurers buy their electronics as usual, but with a small compensation fee paid to Closing the Loop, which is used to fund the collection and recycling of an equivalent amount of electronic waste in countries lacking waste recycling infrastructure. In this way, your new device can be considered ‘waste neutral’.

Since its foundation, Closing the Loop has collected over three million end-of-life devices in African countries, creating jobs and income for local partners.

Closing the Loop were one of the businesses who addressed the Baltic Circular Procurement Congress on 2-3rd September.