Circular economy stakeholder conference on 4/11/2020

Katarzyna Kielanowska Ukategoriseret

Around 240 participants was signed up to the Circular economy stakeholderconference, workshop procurement the 4th of November 2020. The workshop was organized by Circular Flander and the Interreg. North Sea, ProCirc-project.

The workshop was devided into smaller group according to the 3 steps in procurement, pre-tender phase, tender phase and post tenderphase. The CircularPP partners from City of Malmo and City of Aalborg was among the expert panelist and shared their experience.

The workshop was organized with pre-recorded presentation for each of the 3 tender phases followed by a live section of questions from the audience. City of Malmo, Project manager Emma Börjesson had a 4 minute presentation in the tender phase about experiences from the pilot non new furniture and City of Aalborg, project manager Birgitte Krebs Schleemann had a 4 minutes presentation in the post tender phase about experiences from the pilot learning environment to the public schools.  Both Emma and Birgitte was panelist answering question from the audience. Have a look at all the pre-recorded videos: