Circular PP project experience in building local partnerships to promote sustainability shared during annual Enterprise Europe Network event

Katarzyna Kielanowska Ukategoriseret

Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference is a yearly event gathering network partners from over 60 countries together with representatives from European Commission to share and discuss on best practice to address main challenges and priority areas on the political agenda in transnational context.

This year for the first time the conference EEN E-Days was taking place online on October 19th-20th 2020, due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Online attendance opportunity opened a possibility to gather much more participants that it would be possible during on-site participation.  EEN E-Days was represented with over 1000 participants from more than 50 countries from around the world.

Topics discussed during workshops and discussion panels were: digitalization, SME resilience and sustainability. Hereby North Denmark EU Office was invited to share their experience and best practice in building up local partnership to promote sustainability. Aija Konisevska Azadi together with 3 other experts from Denmark, Belgium and Ireland presented lessons learnt during Circular PP project co-funded by Interreg BSR. The presentation ended up with newest survey conducted with support of Cluster Excellence Denmark as part of Circular PP project. Results uncovered impact of COVID-19 on work with circular economy and circular transition of SMEs, that was gathered form 60+ European clusters from 13 different countries, across most sectors representing between 6000-8000 SMEs. There were mutual understanding that pandemic have intensified need for circular transition of SMEs to ensure future needs relevant products and services and hereby stay on the market.

Topic gathered a lot of attention and fruitful discussions during the workshop from several countries outside of the project partnership as Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

Learnings from the workshop are expected to contribute positively to the sustainable transition support provided to SMEs by different partners in different EEN partner countries around the world.