Danish interest group on sustainable ICT

Katarzyna Czop News

In Denmark, the Forum for Sustainable Procurement – which is a national initiative for the promotion of green public procurement – recently started an interest group on sustainable ICT.

Around 55 people participated in an online webinar to learn about CO2-emissions from ICT, ICT as a service, green hardware and green software. The City of Odense shared their experiences with SDG-tool developed by themselves through their work with ICT, and the City of Aalborg presented their circular pilot on extending the life of ICT devices.

One of the things presented by City of Aalborg was the municipality’s recent change to their logo policy. Before, the city had a policy where all laptops must be engraved with the municipality’s logo, which drastically reduced the resale value of the used laptops. From now on, laptops will be labelled with stickers and DNA. Read more about the ICT-pilot in City of Aalborg here.