How to become a greener IT department

Katarzyna Kielanowska Ukategoriseret

Have you ever considered how an IT department can contribute to the green transition? We present the “10 advices for being a greener IT department”.

These are the top ten recommendations to consider when trying to become a more sustainable friendly IT department.

The focus is here on the IT departments of the Danish municipalities, but the advices can be upscaled and used in all sorts of IT departments globally.

The ten advices include both social, environmental and economic values, and focuses on the whole lifecycle of the IT equipment. Here especially the end-of-life is focused on, where it is recommended to extend the life of the IT equipment by repairing and exchanging internally in the organization instead of discarding.

The focus is also on how to reduce the energy consumption when using the equipment by getting products that are low energy efficient by ensuring to buy ex. Energy Star or TCO labeled products.  See more at: