How to become a greener IT User

Katarzyna Kielanowska Ukategoriseret

Have you ever considered your IT habits when thinking about sustainability? These 10 advices present how you can become a greener IT user!

The advices have been made by Birgitte Krebs Schleemann, project manager at City of Aalborg. They are covering the whole lifecycle of the IT equipment. From procuring – to use – to end-of-life. The advices encourage all three aspects of sustainability by including both social, economic and environmental elements.

By encouraging users to integrate sustainable habits when using their equipment, it reduces their IT related carbon footprint, minimizing waste and benefits other sustainable topics.

The 10 advices are a spin off by running the pilots about life extension of IT equipment and change habits has a big effect when thinking recycling IT equipment. Even though it is designed for the purpose of educating employees in the Danish municipalities it can be used as guidance for all IT-users.

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