Infographic 4- 5-steps for market engagement ahead of a circular public procurement

Katarzyna Czop News

Public authorities can take 5 simple steps to engage the market ahead of a circular public procurement.

The first step is the General Information Meeting, which is streaming on-line. During this meeting, the focus on circularity is announced and the approach explained by presenting  a selection of  applications for circular procurement in municipalities.

The second step is the Showcasing Seminar during which a good practice example of a circular public procurement contract is presented in detail. For example the seminar could focus on circular procurement of furniture. The examples used should showcase that circular public procurement can  be applied in the sector and that it yields beneficial results

The third step is to organize a seminar during which municipal representatives present their expectations regarding future circular public procurement, for example on office furniture. This is an opportunity for procurers and municipal representatives to discuss requirements and expectations in terms of the characteristics of the products and services. Based on the discussion the municipality asks for feedback from companies potentially delivering the products and services.

The fourth step is about reflecting on the feedback from the companies. Public procurers can learn about a company’s challenges and capacity regarding circular tenders. This feedback can inform upcoming circular procurements. The final, fifth step is the Circular Public Procurement Meet the Buyers. This format is an open meeting during which public procurers present the request for tender to all interested companies.