Infographic 5- Circularity Strategies

Katarzyna Czop News

Circular procurement involves different circulation strategies, which can be clustered as a circle that consists of three phases: production, consumption and recovery.

The production phase starts  with circular product design. Each following stage involves circularity, for example, optimizing production or creating sharing platforms at the final stage of a production phase.

The next phase of the circle is consumption, which in this case focusses on  public procurement. The phase starts with the inclusion of circular criteria in the initial requirements of a tender . Key element of this phase is supply chain cooperation in order to be able to complete this stage with an innovative circular tender.

The Recovery phase completes the circle . This phase starts with reverse logistics and entails identifying Next-Life Sales. At the end of the recovery phase, it is necessary to  include Parts Harvesting . That way, parts are available to the production of further products,  remaining in the circle for longer.