Masterclass for champions


On January 23-25 Rijkswaterstaat provided a three-day Circular Public Procurement Training in The Hague for partners involved in the Baltic Sea CPP project. The training was part of the mentoring program for the people in the responsible units in the cities of Aalborg, Malmö and the Latvian municipalities.

They received an introduction to circular procurement by Joan Prummel from Rijkswaterstaat, Take Padding from PIANOo, the Dutch public procurement expertise centre and Mervyn Jones from SGR Ltd. Issues that got attention were for instance why to start with circular procurement, how to collaborate and many practical issues dealing with how to procure in a circular way. In the three-day training there was plenty of time to work together on plans for the pilots. Also practical case studies were introduced by Dutch experts, involved in the case studies.

For more information on the mentoring program, please get in touch with Emile Bruls.