City of Aalborg (Lead Partner)

The City of Aalborg is Lead Partner in CircularPP, and is responsible for providing two pilot cyclical orders, as well as participating in training activities.

Aalborg is the 3rd largest city in Denmark with a population above 210.000. It’s an international city with more than 3.000 international students, several international companies and a high number of international relations.

In 1994 Aalborg signed the “Aalborg Charter” – the first and most comprehensive document on sustainability in Europe. In 2004 Aalborg signed the “Aalborg Commitment”, which is a list of commitments that Aalborg has agreed to fulfil.

Aalborg has a number of very strong sustainability strategies that set environmentally friendly, clever and holistic goals for how to turn Aalborg into a more sustainable city. Center for Grøn Omstilling (the centre for green conversion) is a product of this strategy and today develops projects that contribute to green conversion through cross-sectoral cooperation.

Every year Aalborg holds a sustainability festival, which collects and diffuses knowledge to that new green initiatives can blossom. The municipality, companies, educational institutions, local and national NGO’s and private parties support the initiative.

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