Pressure cooker training circular procurement

Katarzyna Czop News

In the Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat in cooperation with PIANOo organised two seminars on circular procurement for Dutch public procurers. These took place on 21st  and 22nd  May in The Hague. The seminars were part of INTEREG project Circular Public Procurement. Consultants of Copper 8, a consultancy firm based in Amsterdam and specialised in circular economy, were the trainers.

The seminars were designed as pressure cooker trainings. In the course of one afternoon public procurers with no experience with circularity got an introduction into basic principles and the eight steps approach developed by Copper 8. They also worked on some practical assignments.

In total about 35 people took part in the training. Participants work for municipalities, provinces, national agencies and other public institutions. The training was well received. As one of the participants said: Such a fun, instructive and above all inspiring afternoon!