Study tour to Alliander company in Duiven

Elżbieta Szczygieł News

During 3rd Partner Meeting project team participated in study tour to new head office for the energy grid company Alliander in Duiven, close to Arnhem. The office has been renovated in accordance to rules of circular economy. The existing buildings were integrated into the new design, with curved roof creating a large atrium which connects buildings and creates space where employees and visitors can meet. Circularity has been an integral part of the design in many ways: respecting the majority of the existing constructions, using waste wood for the facades, reusing the concrete from the parts which were demolished, reusing the steel construction for the extensions of the buildings, recycling the asphalt from the existing roofs, reusing the existing toilets and ceiling plates and converting the existing doors into new furniture, amongst other things. This study visit was important to the participants to gain the knowledge that even complicated projects can be successfully completed. It was great to have the possibility to discuss issues with people who had been involved in this change.