The first day of Circular seminar

Katarzyna Czop News

The first day of Circular seminar took place on 18th of September 2019 in Warsaw. That seminar was organized by The Rzeszow Regional Development Agency- RRDA.

The seminar began with a speech by Professor Piotr Zawada, then Professor Bolesław Rok delivered his lecture on the challenges of sustainable development in purchasing policies. That speech attracted a lot of interest during a lively discussion on this subject.

After the coffee break, Mr. Łukasz Sosnowski made an interesting presentation on public authority initiatives for circular public procurement. He stressed that circular solutions need to be made more cost-effective for the general public to use them more willingly.

Another speaker was Mrs. Agnieszka Zdanowicz, who described the practical aspects of circularity. She presented a speech on the subject of procurement in practice.

The last speaker of the first day was Mr. Hubert Bukowski from the INNOWO Foundation, who presented a presentation on public procurement in construction as a support of circular economy. He stated that the construction industry in recent years has moved away from circular to linear solutions. This is because the user and the investor are no longer one person, but two different entities.