The new report from work package 2.2

Katarzyna Czop News

We invite you to read the new report, which was created as part of the project “Circular Public Procurement”.

The report from work package 2.2, of the CircularPP project is out. Take a look inside and you will find:

·        An overview of the 50 cases of business model innovation for a circular economy in different industries: food and bio-products, built environment, ICT equipment, furniture, textiles and others.

·        Inspiring examples from all partner countries (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Russia.)

·        Recommendations on how public procurement can promote the development of Circular Business Models.

·        Testimonies from managers of companies operating Circular Business Models. Amongst other information, they share what are the benefits and barriers of the circular approach.

The report is available on Work Packages section or directly here.