Turza case study

Katarzyna Czop News

We invite everyone to familiarize yourself with the case study created within the Circular Public Procurement.

Turza is retail shop following the zero-waste philosophy. They offer a variety of produce and products package free and in bulk. Product selection includes oils, teas, plastic-free body care, household and daily food products.

Circularity of business model:

Turza reduces material flows in two different ways. First, it reduces demand for plastic and generation of plastic waste by offering package free solution. This includes both for their customers but also for their suppliers, whom have responded positively to Turza’s requests for bulk delivery or taking back the containers in which they supply their products.

Furthermore, it gives customers a chance to buy the specific desired quantities which helps reduce the potential of overstocking and eventual food waste at the household level. Secondly, it promotes a “slow” shopping culture by having consumers taking time to measure and pack products inside the store in the containers that they brought, which creates the conditions for a more conscious decision-making while buying.

Main Barriers:

The main barrier for further development of this business model is mainly related to cultural barriers from consumers. These include misconceptions regarding bulk products lacking hygiene, lack of variety of brands and consumers wishing to spend as little time possible doing their shopping.

Furthermore, market conditions for vegetables and fruits make it impossible for Turza to compete in terms of prices with super-markets buying large quantities of fruit and vegetables every day, therefore these products can be more expensive.

Other benefits:

Turza can get access to lower prices from suppliers when buying large quantities of products that are traditionally sold in small packages (e.g. nuts, oil, coffee, etc.) and potentially even lower prices from suppliers who recognize that is cheaper for them to deliver in bulk and without packaging. These cost savings translate into lower prices for Turza’s customers on most products that usually come in package.

Madara, the founder and manager of Turza says she has observed an increase interest into bulk retail, not only from customer interested in zero-waste philosophy but also customers that have recognized that bulk shopping allows them to save money.